Nunx & Natalia is a limited range of garments in the finest, crease resistant, imported, wash and wear fabrics.

The founder, Lucienne Raab is affectionately called "Nunx" by friends and family. "Nunx" initially created a versatile wardrope for herself, geared towards traveling with a limited amount of packing space. Soon friends and family were asking her to do the same for them, thus Nunx and Natalia was born.

Each season Lucienne crafts the latest trends into comfortable crease resistant pieces for women of all ages. It is a classical collection that goes effortlessly from day to night. Small quantities of the finest fabric are purchased. This keeps the range fresh, ever changing and always unique.

Lucienne recognises that all women are different so dresses can be tailored to fit, shortened or lengthened, sleeves styles can be interchanged, waists widened or scooped.

Ease of care make the collection perfect for chic everyday life and ideal for effortless travel..